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July 24, 2023

ByDesign TV Brings the Value of Design to the Public

Evan Orensten & Josh Rubin | COOL HUNTING Studio

A global collection of primetime programs rethinks how TV approaches the design world

2016 marks the beginning of a design empire for Mike and Una Chapman, life and business partners of the global collection of primetime television series on architecture, ByDesign TV. Since airing the first pilot episode in Tasmania six years ago, the collection has quickly expanded beyond Australia and architecture—now covering hotels, interiors, landscapes, and industrial design in increasingly more markets, including America and Europe. With its second season of “America ByDesign: Architecture” slated to premiere mid-August (in partnership with the American Institute of Architects) on CBS, a series on innovation in Europe underway alongside the second season of “Hotels ByDesign” and fifth season of “Australia ByDesign: Architecture,” this production company has clearly been very busy. The key to early success and the goal of the growing collection, Mike Chapman tells us, is filling the gaps in TV’s portrayal of architecture.


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