Celebration of Architecture

2019 Award WInners

Architectural Honor Awards / Building

  • PLY+

    St. Mary Chapel

    “Design vocabularies and light reflections bring a peaceful and optimistic feeling, creating an atmosphere of poetry. A cross is “borrowed” from the existing nearby hospital and as a result, the sculptural volumes become abstract objects which successfully harmonize spiritual and cultural traditions.”

    Architect-of-Record: PLY+, Ann Arbor MI
    Liturgical Space Consultant: Fr. Gilbert Sunghera S.J. of UDM's Liturgical Space Consulting Service
    Structural Engineer: SDI Structure, Ann Arbor MI
    MEP Engineer: IMEG Corp, Chicago IL
    Civil Engineer: Nederveld, Ann Arbor MI
    Lighting Consultant: Illuminart, Troy MI
    Acoustics Consultant: Arcgeometer, Ann Arbor MI
    Construction Manager: Granger Construction
    General Contractor: Granger Construction

  • SmithGroup

    Mike Ilitch School of Business

    “The strategic siting combined with subtle angular direction both in plan and section creates a symbiotic relationship between education and profession, telegraphing the future of empirical education for both program and space.”

    Client: Wayne State University
    General Contractor: The Christman Company + LS Brinker Joint Venture
    Architectural Photographer: James Ewing

Architectural Honor Awards / Interiors

  • SmithGroup

    LinkedIn Detroit Office

    “A large-scale, cohesive interior that achieved a harmonious balance between a bold corporate identity and soft intentional areas that provide reprieve from the buzz of the communal work spaces.”

    Client: LinkedIn
    Environmental Graphics: Gensler
    Mill work: Mod Interiors
    General Contractor: L.S. Brinker
    Architectural Photographer: Justin Maconochie

Architectural Honor Awards / Small Project

  • HED

    Aaron Friedman Marine Hydrodynamics Center

    “A drab circulation space is successfully reinvented to activate the study of naval design using captivating back-lit historic imagery and finely detailed wood and glass exhibit boxes.”

    Client: University of Michigan
    General Contractor: Brix Corporation
    Structural, Mechanical, & Electrical Engineer: HED
    Glass Fabricator: Edwards Glass
    Glass Graphics Coordinator: Imagio Glass
    Architectural Photographer: James Haefner

  • inFORM Studio

    Pewabic Pottery Expansion

    “This monolithic box allows the occupant to experience the exterior as voyeur, allowing provocative peeks at what is an otherwise ordinary structure. The continuous shift of pulling and pushing the masonry creates a phenomenological condition where commonplace materials transform the building’s envelope from static to kinetic, implying a “curtain-like” condition for the entrance, drawing the occupant through the building.”

    Client: Pewabic Pottery
    General Contractor: Sachse
    Architectural Photographer: Jason Keen

  • Et al. Collaborative + Detroit Collaborative Design Center

    8869 Avis

    “This community headquarters is a comprehensive small project that considers the relationship between place and its community stakeholders as a critical component of the architecture. Recognizing the need for this community space to open up and hold the corner of the site, the project creatively utilizes visual arts to reflect the context of the neighborhood and the voice of its people in its design and programming. As a small project, this building does so many of the little things right in its pursuit of cultivating community.”

    Client: Inside Southwest Detroit
    General Contractor: Michigan Alterations & Construction Services
    MEP Engineer: MA Engineering
    Structural Engineering: Robert Darvas Associates
    Muralists: TEAD, Freddy Diaz, Pherz
    Steel Fabrication: Diseños

Architectural Honor Awards / Sustainable Design

  • Stantec Architecture Inc.

    Strong Hall Renovation

    “The most sustainable building is often the one that's already there. This project shows how mundane existing buildings that might otherwise be torn down can be transformed into attractive and efficient places for people.”

    Client: Eastern Michigan University
    Technology/AV: Wright & Hunter
    General Contractor: Clark Construction Company
    Architectural Photographer: Justin Maconochie


    Louis Armstrong Stadium

    “Nothing can be more delightful than a welcome breeze--but instead of simply drawing "well-intentioned arrows", the design team used computer simulation to develop an approach that provides comfort beautifully.”

    Client: United States Tennis Association
    Structural Engineer: Geiger Engineers
    Construction Engineer: WSP Flack & Kurtz
    Civil Engineer: de Bruin Engineering
    Landscape Consultant: RGR Landscape
    Consultants: AVVIT Consulting + FP&C Consultants
    General Contractor: Hunt Construction
    Architectural Photographer: Rafael Gamo

  • SmithGroup + Ennead Architects

    University Biological Sciences Building & Natural History Museum

    “Like an accordion being pulled apart to let in air, this design divides its massing into three clear blocks and pulls them apart to let in light, drawing people together.”

    Architect of Record: SmithGroup
    Design Architect: Ennead Architects
    Client: University of Michigan
    General Contractor: Barton Malow
    Architectural Photographers: Aislinn Weidele, Bruce Damonte, James Haefner

Architectural Honor Awards / Technology

  • SmithGroup

    Emory University Hospital Concourses

    “Simultaneously quiet and bold, this elegant solution stitches together a campus of buildings divided by a busy road, showing the power of data-informed design to use materials efficiently and beautifully.”

    Client: Emory Healthcare
    Program Manager: BDR Partners
    Mechanical & Plumbing: WSP USA
    Civil: Southern Civil Engineers
    Structural: Walter P Moore
    General Contractor: McCarthy Building Companies
    Architectural Photographer: Brian Robbins Photography – Interiors

Architectural Honor Awards / Urban Design

  • SmithGroup

    Urban District Plan

    “A vision of downtown that respects the scale and communal nature of the city, at its core. Through process and design, the plan leans into the values of open space planning while integrating a distinct design voice that supports both large-scale and small-scale intimate opportunities for community members to address the city.”

    Client: DTE Energy
    Engagement Partner: Interboro

Architectural Honor Awards / People's Choice