May 31, 2021

2023 Program Schedule

Sessions will be held on the second Friday of every month, from 12:00pm – 5:00pm, January through September, at venues selected by the scholars, unless virtual options are preferred based on COVID circumstances.

• Bootcamp: January 13, 2023 (mandatory attendance)
• Session 1: Working Together, February 10, 2023
• Session 2: Engaging Your Community, March 10, 2023
• Session 3: Entrepreneurship and Business Management, April 14, 2023
• Session 4: Art of Negotiating, May 12, 2023
• Session 5: Closing the Deal, June 9, 2023
• Session 6: Industry Culture/Trends, July 14, 2023
• Session 7: Expanding the Definition of Practice, August 11, 2023
• Session 8: The Future of Architecture & Graduation, September 8, 2023 (mandatory attendance)


AIA Detroit is once again accepting applications for the Christopher Kelley Leadership Development Program from potential scholars located all over the state of Michigan. All applications and supporting documents are due no later than 11:59pm on Wednesday, November 23, 2022. Please see the 2023 CKLDP Info Packet for a full description of the application requirements. Interested Candidates are encouraged to reach out to the Program Committee at with any questions.


• October 4, 2022: The Call for Applications for the 2023 Cohort
• October 20, 2022: CKLDP 2023 Info Session recording with Co-Chairs Rachel and Nikki
November 23, 2022: Application & Supporting Documents Deadline
• December 9, 2022: Notification of Acceptance into the Program


1.  Thoroughly review the full application requirements in the 2023 CKLDP Info Packet
2.  Solicit or draft a Letter of Interest
3.  Solicit 1-3 Letters of Recommendation
4.  Review and update your current Resume, focusing on relevant qualifications like volunteer activity, organizational involvement, and prior leadership opportunities.
5.  Complete, with your employer, the Memorandum of Understanding, affirming your commitment to the program, should you be selected to participate.
6.  Complete the online CKLDP Application Form, including written essay responses, and upload the above supporting documents at the end of the of the Application Form.


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