December 18, 2016

Revision Text for the Construction Code

LARA (Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs), ORR (Office for Regulatory Reinvention), Rule Revisions for Licensing and Regulatory Affairs; Revision Text for the Construction Code – Part 4. Building Code

Part 4 of the Construction Code currently adopts by reference the 2012 edition of the International Building Code (IBC), which is developed by the International Code Council and is based on building principles used in building codes across the country. Part 4 also includes rules that amend the IBC to address laws and climate conditions that are specific to Michigan. The proposed rules will adopt by reference the 2015 edition of the IBC with amendments, deletions, and additions deemed necessary for use in Michigan. The proposed rules provide the latest standards to protect the health and promote the safety and welfare of the people by regulating the construction, reconstruction, and alteration of buildings within the state. Adoption of the 2015 edition of the IBC as well as an update of the rules could result in cost savings for homeowners and contractors who will be able to use the latest materials and technology as a result of the revision of the rules.

You can view those Rules HERE.

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