April 7, 2016

President’s Message: April 2016

The Chapter’s Board spent the better part of the first two months of the year refreshing its goals and objectives for the coming years. At March’s meeting, the Board approved a new Strategic Plan, which is available on our website’s homepage here. Beginning with the Board retreat held in January, the Board has reviewed its mission, which remains unchanged. For those unfamiliar with the Mission, it too remains published on the site. The AIA, as an organization, has focused on providing all of the necessary and desired services to its members. Each portion of the organization focuses on its level or status of service. AIA Detroit has, over the past several years, focused on being an advocate for Architects in Southeast Michigan. Through its initiatives, the chapter has sought to partner with a broader design community to bring awareness to more and more people both within and outside to the architectural field itself, indicating the value of design in the built environment. Through the expanded Celebration of Architecture, which occurs during and in collaboration with the Detroit Design Festival, we strive to tell a growing audience about the quality of architecture in Detroit. Through the activities of the Urban Priorities Committee, AIA Detroit has brought an awareness of the possibilities of architects and their talents to communities that had little knowledge of architecture and what solutions architects had to offer. Through committees like the Building Codes and Regulations Committee, architects, engineers, and building officials all receive education relevant to their fields, and builds relations between these professions.

When you review the Strategic Plan, you will note our intent is to expand on these activities, and bring even more in the way of cooperation and education. The Board feels as though we can provide even greater levels of service. One example is to act as a clearing house for you, its members, to broadcast your ideas and research on the AIA Detroit website in addition to doing so on your own websites. We hope that we can provide a wealth of information and ideas to an even broader community. That brings value to you, your firms, and to the greater good of the Metro Detroit architects by illustrating the talent and ingenuity that lies within.

You will note that the discussion about providing a very visible home for AIA Detroit. As most of you know, the idea of a Detroit Design Center sponsored by AIA Detroit, and potentially others, has been an ongoing discussion for several years. This discussion has turned in many directions, and it is still the Board’s list of objectives. This is not an easy task, but is still desired, and the discussion continues. The Chapter is currently enjoying its cooperation with AIA Michigan in a new Midtown Detroit office, but our view is still on the future, and identifying that future.

Without going into a great deal more detail, please visit the 2106-2020 Strategic Plan and feel free to contact any of the Board with, thoughts, questions, or comments. We welcome your participation and thoughts.

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