October 18, 2019

Updates from Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs – Bureau of Construction Codes

Updates from Department of Licensing and Regulatory Affairs (LARA) – Bureau of Construction Codes (BCC) are:

  1. 2018 IBC adoption is currently in progress targeting for approval by legislature by the end of this year to make it effective early 2020.  Note Michigan Residential Code will not be adopted at the same time. LARA code update status can be viewed: https://www.michigan.gov/lara/0,4601,7-154-89334_10575_17550_17583_85703—,00.html
  2. Code input process has changed from a committee process to a form submission process to encourage participation.  Use newly revised Proposed Rule/Code Change Request form to submit proposals to modify current codes and rules when applicable rulesets are opened up for review and modification via email to: LARA-BCC-Rules@michigan.gov
  3. LARA stakeholder list for signing up for announcement: https://public.govdelivery.com/accounts/MILARA/subscriber/new?preferences=true
  4. School project review process change: BCC has a new process to check Architect’s license automatically when plans are submitted for review.  BCC works with BPL (Bureau of Professional Licensing) to ensure compliance.
  5. Code development tracking system: LARA BCC has launched new system that allows us to see rules changes and their effective date. Administrative Rulemaking System can be viewed: https://dtmb.state.mi.us/ARS_Public  Searches can be filtered by department (e.g. LARA) and bureau (e.g. Bureau of Construction Codes).
  6. Health Facilities Engineering Section is now separated from BCC as a result of restructuring.
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