April 27, 2019

National Architecture Week 2019 Day 7: Blueprint for Better Technology

National Architecture Week 2019 aims to recognize and celebrate the ways architects positively impact our lives! During this week, we will be sharing AIA Detroit updates, articles, and photos that align with AIA National’s daily themes. You, too, can join the celebration and national conversation by sharing articles, photos, videos, and resources that align with the daily themes on your social media accounts! Use #ArchWeek19 and #blueprintforbetter.


Computational Design represents a new design paradigm that our industry is struggling to understand. Whether it manifests as generating novel forms with grasshopper, automating BIM documentation with Dynamo, or parametrically exploring building performance using open source code, Computational Design is disrupting our profession. We recognize that greater computational power, data, and automation offer new ways of thinking about our design problems, but we often lack the skills required to leverage these newfound capabilities in our practices. Most architects feel more comfortable with a pen than with code–but innovation doesn’t stop, and neither will our competitors. Detroit firms must embrace technological change. We have the talent and the bold disposition required to innovate within the architectural profession, and we will accomplish more if we support each other. The AIAD TAP committee has a forum dedicated to exactly that. Join Computational Design Detroit (co.de.D), and participate in the conversation as we address disruption in Architecture.

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