January 1, 2023

Looking for Form Base Codes Ad Hock BC&RC Committee Members

What is Form Base Codes:
Several communities have adopted the FBC which is a performance regulation and established to be a part of a zoning ordnance. The basic intent of FBC is to control and create specific forms through the relationships of building, street, and public spaces. The main objective is to mimic the down town of the 20th century by dictating structure size, shape, details, windows, materials, colors, parking location, etc. One of the other main objectives is to create walkability. While FBC is having its benefits, it can also have a negative impact when implemented incorrectly.

Possible groups to unite with part of possible committee members:

  • Architects ( Including non members of BCRC ) Professional Planners
  • Developers
  • Municipal ( Mayors, City Managers etc. )

Architects’ Objectives:

  • Respect and work with the planners and achieve the common goals.
  • Establish strategies and methods to overcome obstacles and resistance
  • Identify all common goals to be accomplished
  • Establish methods and strategies to accomplish objectives and goals

If you are interested, please email the BC&RC Co-Chairs at bcrc@aiadetroit.com!

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