Quinn Evans Architects Wurlitzer Building

The Wurlitzer Building’s renewal contributes to downtown Detroit’s architectural and economic revitalization by adding a unique hospitality and retail experience in an iconic historic structure. The transformation of this 20th-century Renaissance Revival building (once home to the famous Wurlitzer Company) into a boutique hotel breathes new life into a blighted landmark, previously vacant for several decades. Opened for business in 2018, this comprehensive restoration project supports the new hotel’s ongoing redevelopment as it evolves into an immersive space featuring a curated culinary and retail program, including a rooftop bar with exceptional views of downtown and the entertainment district. New windows along the structure’s north facade accommodate guest rooms while discreetly integrated building systems renovations maintain life safety requirements without hindering visitor admiration of this architectural beauty. The project is funded with Historic Preservation Tax Credits, meeting the Secretary of Interiors Rehabilitation Standards as coordinated with the Michigan State Historic Preservation Office.