TMP Architecture U of M Athletics South Campus Performance Center

The project includes a new 280,000-square-foot facility to provide state-of-the-art competition and training spaces for men’s and women’s lacrosse, indoor and outdoor track and field, cross country, soccer and women’s rowing; in addition to added training facilities for wrestling, tennis and women’s gymnastics. The space is highlighted by an indoor track and field facility with a hydraulic track, one of only a few in North America, a 2,000-seat lacrosse stadium, and the University’s first indoor rowing tank. The facility yields unrivaled accommodations for nearly two-thirds of the student-athletes. The center provides specialized spaces for each team with shared resources, including strength and conditioning, athletic medicine, meeting space, and locker rooms. The collaborative, open space allows individuals and teams to meet, train, compete; but more importantly, to develop as students, athletes, and community leaders. By grouping these elements together, all student-athletes will benefit.