January 22, 2019

Project Manager

inFORM studio
Northville, MI
Experience: 7-10+ Years

If you are looking to bring excitement and passion back into your work, we can help. inFORM studio is focused on finding talented and dedicated people to join our Metro Detroit studio. We are a design collective devoted to inspiring culture and impacting communities. As a human focused team of designers, we place a strong emphasis on creating experiential connections between people and place. By integrating advanced technologies throughout our design process, we’re able to develop solutions that go beyond formal expression and respond to a range of client-valued performance metrics. The candidate will be responsible for managing all aspects of a number of large scale mixed-use, hospitality and housing projects.

Qualifications include:
 7-10+ years of related experience as a project manager on a range of architectural project typologies.
 A Bachelor of Architecture or Master of Architecture from an accredited program.
 Architectural Registration preferred, not required.
 Strong communication and coordination skills.
 Ability to build a rapport with both the client and project team is a required necessity.
 Experience managing multiple project teams with a successful design deliverable within budget and on schedule.
 Significant experience with complex project types and contracts.
 In-depth knowledge of contracts and experience negotiating project scope and fees
 Knowledge of codes, standards and best practices.
 Ability to interface with local building and planning departments.
 Demonstrated responsibility and accountability in the management of previous projects.
 Proficiency with Project Management software

What we want you to do!
 Work with Senior Management outlining project objectives, budget, scope, and resources needed to successfully deliver a project.
 Completion of work breakdown and estimation of time and effort required for each milestone tasks.
 Prepare and provide project schedule for the project team.
 Manage project scheduling, budgets, and set-up with sub-contractors, vendors and consultants
 Manage a range of project team sizes, comprised of architects, interior designers, engineers and urban designers.
 Monitor financial performance of project
 Preparation of project proposals.
 Negotiation of contracts and fees
 Work with internal accounting to control work-in-progress to ensure accurate billing cycles and monitoring of outstanding accounts receivable and collection.