June 8, 2022

Project Architect

PARTNERS in Architecture, PLC
Mount Clemens, MI
Experience: Licensure

PARTNERS in Architecture, PLC is looking for an experienced architect to be responsible for the overall development and implementation of projects by leading members of its growing team, which provides services to local/state/federal governments and K-12 schools.

Project Architect: A studio leader in charge of overseeing timely and profitable completion of successful projects by coordinating the work teams, consulting with clients, drawing designs, and proposing budgets. Duties include overseeing all team efforts to create designs that meet client specifications; developing and monitoring project work plans; leading technical drawing generation; developing and proposing budget and time estimations; assisting with site planning and development to assure compliance with zoning, environmental and safety requirements; evaluating project material needs; monitoring and assisting team members for efficient and complete project development; reviewing drawings and work reports to identify project needs and concerns; acting as an intermediary between clients and the architectural team; providing expertise and advice throughout the building process.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
* In-depth experience with AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, and other general business software
* Skilled in developing, compiling, and modifying building designs by hand or utilizing computer software
* Budgeting and cost estimating proficiency
* Ability to successfully lead and manage teams
* Comfort interacting with other designers/architects, engineers, clients, and contractors
* Specific behavioral competencies required to satisfactorily perform the main tasks and responsibilities of the position:
* Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
* Exceptional organization ability
* Ability to listen carefully to other professionals
* Skill in communicating ideas articulately
* A self-starter and a quick learner
* High degree of ability to multitask
* Ability to prioritize work and manage time effectively
* Demonstrable integrity and professionalism
* A candidate must have an architectural degree from an accredited university, a license in the State of Michigan, involvement in the design of municipal and educational facilities, and team leadership experience.

Working at PARTNERS is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to positively impact the vitality of communities and the education of students.

As a PARTNERS’ employee … You will become an important member of a creative team where your input will be desired, respected, and utilized during project visioning and design.

You will experience:
* Flexible work environment
* Work-task variety
* Diversity of roles
* Employee enrichment

You will have personal and professional growth nurtured in a collaborative setting, which celebrates creativity and wisdom.
Forward Qualifications, Resume, and Examples of Work to: careers@partnersinarch.com