Date: March 30, 2024 | Time:

Zero-Waste Education Center Design Competition

AIA Detroit’s Committee on the Environment (COTE) is partnering with Green Living Science (GLS) to imagine what a community-focused Zero Waste Education Center (ZWEC) could look like through open invitation design competition.

Register for the ZWEC Competition Here

Cash prizes will be distributed for the top three entries as determined by the jury:
•  First Place – $1,500
•  Second Place – $1,000
•  Third Place – $500


Green Living Science currently operates from the Life is a Dreamtroit redevelopment, which also houses the Lincoln Street Art Park. The park accommodates our Activi-Tree shipping container classroom, furnishing an outdoor learning environment for field trips and summer camp activities.

Through our partnership with the Detroit Public School Community District, students from across the City of Detroit will have access to the Zero Waste Education Center for field trips.

Our team of educators will design workshops, interactive exhibits, and hands-on activities that cater to diverse age groups and learning styles. With an expanded facility, GLS could extend field trips to cover a larger portion of the school year, considering that weather often affects the ability to host these events. Hosting training for ambassador programs necessitates offsite arrangements due to the inadequacy of current meeting spaces.

Additionally, capacity to educate about waste reduction and sustainability is restricted due to limited visibility and demonstration space. GLS estimates that with the capital support for a Zero Waste Education Center, its reach and overall impact on the city of Detroit will triple within five years of its opening.

To learn more about the project and submission requirements, please download the 3/4/2024 updated ZWEC Competition Packet Here.