Date: November 12, 2020 | Time: 4:30pm - 6:30pm - 2 AIA Learning Units

The Physics Behind Lessons Learned in a Full-Size Blindside Mock-Up & Hands-On Training

Presented by the Building Enclosure Council of Greater Detroit

1 AIA Learning Unit will be provided for EACH Presentation


4:30pm PRESENTATION: The Physics Behind Lessons Learned in a Full-Size Blindside Mock-Up (as presented at the 2019 IIBEC Building Enclosure Symposium)

Burying a pre-applied waterproofing system between an earth retention system and newly installed concrete—never to be seen again—creates a difficult scenario whereby designers, manufacturers, and contractors are left to wonder just how well their system will perform. SmithGroup (an architectural engineering firm) partnered with a design-build contractor to develop a new university laboratory building. The building included two stories of below-grade construction and was placed at the corner of the project site close to the intersection of two streets. Based on previous success, the design-build contractor proposed the use of a specific blindside system. For the proposed system to be approved for the project, both parties agreed to perform an evaluation. A significant part of the evaluation process included the assembly and forensic deconstruction of a full-size structural shotcrete mock-up.

There are three areas of concern typically posed to all pre-applied waterproofing membranes:

• Does the system bond to the concrete?
• Will the system survive the installation of the structural shotcrete?
• Can the system resist lateral water migration?
• From the lessons learned during the assembly and deconstruction of the mock-up, we will review the findings and use scientific methods with applied physics to evaluate the original assumptions and validate the findings.

David Leslie
Director of Technical Services & Product Management Architectural Division | Polyguard
David Leslie’s experience includes product development, contracting, and consulting. His 30 years of experience have provided him with a unique insight into numerous aspects of the building enclosure. He is a published author, public speaker, expert witness, and holder of multiple patent applications. Leslie is an active member of IIBEC, a Registered Waterproofing Consultant, an ABAA Licensed Field Auditor, and a member of SWRI. It is his core belief that there is no good reason for a building to leak, and he has committed much of his career to keeping people dry.

Jerry Carter
Building Technology Studio | SmithGroup
As a member of SmithGroup’s Building Technology Studio, JERRY CARTER’s primary work experience focuses on the analysis and development of exterior building enclosure systems. He specializes in the design and restoration of plazas and garden roofs, conventional roofing, and below-grade waterproofing. He also plays a key role in developing and maintaining SmithGroup’s master specifications related to the exterior enclosure. Carter received his B.S. in architecture and his Master of Architecture from Lawrence Technological University. He has been with SmithGroup for over 11 years. He is a current vice chair for the local chapter of the Building Enclosure Council.
5:30pm HANDS-ON TRAINING: Pre-Applied Waterproofing Hands-On Training (MUST RSVP BY OCTOBER 28 FOR THIS COURSE)

Experience the feeling of working with the materials used and evaluated in the “Full-Size Blindside Mock-Up” while never leaving the comfort of your office or home. Each individual or group participating in the training will receive an IBE Level III Training Pre-Applied Kit, where the shipping box become the training mock-up and contains:

• #1 Blindside Selvage Edge
• #2 Blindside – Flashing
• #3A Outside Corner – Left
• #3B Outside Corner – Right
• #4 6” Corner
• #5 Finished Corner
• #6 End-Lap

Assembly Pieces:
• 6” Corner Boot – from Detail Tape
• Underslab Corner

• Shipping Box Turned Into Mockup

Joe Millican
South/Southwest Technical Field Specialist | Polyguard
Joe has over 3 decades in the construction industry and is the inventor of the Polyguard Underseal Pre-Applied waterproofing system. His field experience is relied upon by designers, general contractors, and installers around the world. He is a member of both IIBEC and SWRI, as well as, a developer of the SWRI Certified Installer training program.


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