Date: January 16, 2024 | Time: 4:30pm - 6:00pm - 1.5 Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) AIA Leaning Units

BEC-GD & CSI | Vapor Unfiltered: Should My Air Barrier be Vapor Permeable or Not?

Building Enclosure Council Monthly Program, in partnership with CSI
1.5 Health, Safety, Welfare (HSW) AIA Continuing Education units will be provided by CSI

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As energy codes become more stringent, architects are becoming increasingly more familiar with the concept of controlling air leakage across building enclosures. Architects are less familiar with the code requirements for water vapor permeance in building materials and why these requirements are important in enclosure design. During this session, industry experts will break down how and why vapor permeance should be considered and factors that could influence the desired vapor permeability properties of air barrier systems.

1.  Participants will be able to use correct terminology, analyze material properties for air permeance and water vapor permeance, and recognize why it is important to consider both in selecting enclosure materials.
2.  Participants will be able to recognize potential health risks associated with improper design of building enclosures with regards to vapor permeability.
3.  Participants will learn about design factors, building typologies, and construction types that affect the selection of air barrier materials and their vapor permeance characteristics.
4.  Participants will learn code requirements for vapor permeability and best practices for determining vapor permeability properties of air barrier systems, which are not necessarily always aligned.

Manfred Kehrer, Dipl.-Ing.
Wiss, Janney, Elstner Associates, Inc.

Thomas Bane, PE
SME – Building Enclosure Services

Andrew Dunlap, AIA, NCARB, LEED AP

Brian Carey
Carlisle Weatherproofing Technologies

Amy Baker, AIA, CSI, CDT, SCIP
Amy Baker Architect