Andrea Marquez is a social justice advocate and design strategist seeking to co-create resilient communities that are healthy and equitable. She is the project coordinator and designer for a local non-profit organization, Communities First, Inc., with a mission to build healthy, vibrant communities, through economic development, affordable housing, and innovative programming. Some projects she’s involved with include rehabilitating vacant schools into affordable residential housing and mixed-use developments. Andrea’s work aims to improve community health in underserved neighborhoods through sustainable and cultural place-making, financial literacy programs, and food equity.

Andrea pursued her Bachelor of Science and Master of Architecture degrees from the University of Michigan with a focus in Healthy Cities. She is originally from South Florida where she worked on commercial, hospitality, and residential projects in Miami and the Caribbean at Hamed Rodriguez Architects, Inc. Moving to the Midwest from South Florida as a first-generation Latinx college student enabled her to tackle challenges with a unique socio-political lens. Her passion for climate-resilient architecture evolved to include historical rehabilitation and health by design. Recently, she joined the City of Detroit’s Nature Pocket Community Advisory Committee (ACA) to improve walkability and equitable access to green spaces throughout Detroit.