June 8, 2022

Architectural Designer

PARTNERS in Architecture, PLC
Mount Clemens, MI
Experience: Architecture Degree

PARTNERS in Architecture, PLC is looking for an experienced architectural designer to join its growing team, which provides services to local/state/federal governments and K-12 schools.

Architectural Designer:
A team member within our studio environment who specializes in the planning and design of new structures and redesigning existing structures: including collecting information on the design requirements for a building project by interacting with clients to identify specifications and budgets; providing clients with recommendations on suitable architectural design considering factors such as building site, cost, and trend; producing building plans/designs using CAD tools, 3D modeling software, and manual technical drawing instruments; creating architectural plans which meet the desired requirement and expectation of clients by designing according to budget and preference; writing meeting reports; facilitating design meetings/presentations and appropriate design modifications.  Within the PARTNERS’ studio, the architectural designer will need to brainstorm, develop models and present unique design proposals.

Required Knowledge and Skills:
* In-depth experience with AutoCAD, SketchUp, Revit, Photoshop, Microsoft Office Suite, and other general business software
* Skilled in developing, compiling, and modifying building designs by hand or utilizing computer software
* Ability to brainstorm creative design plans
* Comfort interacting with other designers/architects and clients
* Specific behavioral competencies required to satisfactorily perform the main tasks and responsibilities of the position:
* Excellent written and verbal English communication skills
* Ability to listen carefully to other professionals
* Skill in communicating ideas articulately
* A self-starter and a quick learner
* High degree of ability to multitask
* Ability to prioritize work and manage time effectively
* Demonstrable integrity and professionalism
* Candidates must have an architectural degree from an accredited university and previous experience as an architectural designer. It is a plus to have experience designing municipal and educational facilities.

Working at PARTNERS is more than just a job; it is an opportunity to positively impact the vitality of communities and the education of students. 

As a PARTNERS’ employee …
You will become an important member of a creative team where your input will be desired, respected, and utilized during project visioning and design.

You will experience:
* Flexible work environment
* Work-task variety
* Diversity of roles
* Employee enrichment

You will have personal and professional growth nurtured in a collaborative setting, which celebrates creativity and wisdom.

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