April 12, 2018

Commerce Design: DETROIT

(10) Winning Projects will be announced at a special Award Ceremony on Thursday, October 25th at the Garden Theatre on Woodward in Midtown. A People’s Choice vote will be opened at that time to allow the public to select their favorite from among the 10 winning businesses, and all 10 will be featured in a Design Crawl / open house leading up to Small Business Saturday in November. There is no fee to apply.

Competition Submission Requirements:

Business Information:

  • Business Name and Generic Business Type (i.e. “Cafe”, “Book Store”, “Financial Planner”, etc.)
  • Neighborhood + Mailing Address, Website and Email Address, Business Contact Information
  • Buildout statistics (i.e. Project Area / Square Footage, Year of Completion, Total Project Cost)
  • Business Owner Questionnaire

Design Team Information:

  • Design Firm Name and Practice Type (i.e. Architect, Interior Designer, Graphic or Branding Designer)
  • Design Firm Contact Information
  • Additional Contributing Consultants

Submission Materials:

  • Project Floorplan(s) or Layout Diagram(s) (Compiled to a single .pdf)
  • Completed Project Images (Up to six (6) ‘after’ images)
  • Competition Exhibit Board (Optional; One compiled image or graphic to be exhibited at the AIAD Celebration of Architecture, Thursday September 20th)
  • “Before” Images (Optional; Up to two (2) images)
  • Brand / Visual Identity Graphics (Optional; up to four (4) images or graphics, including logos, signage, printed materials, packaging, etc.)
  • Design Team Image (Optional; one (1) photograph of the Design Team; may be as formal or casual as desired)

Submission Text:

  • 500-Word Project Summary
  • 1-3 Sentence Quote or Testimonial from Business Owner, Employees, or Customers on the impact of the Design process)
  • List of Design Team’s additional projects completed or underway in Detroit
  • Disclosure and Waiver
Celebration of Architecture
February 27, 2015

2018 Event Info

September 20th, 2018 | 5pm-10pm

Eastern Market Shed 3 (Southeast corner of Russell and Division), Detroit

5:00pm-7:00pm | $60 ($40 Early Bird)/$15 Student

7:00pm-10:00pm | Private Industry Lounge for Ticketed Guests | Celebration Galleries Free and Open to the Public

The American Institute of Architects Detroit Chapter (AIA Detroit) hosts the architecture community’s annual Celebration of Architecture event and highest-attended program for the Detroit Design Festival as a part of Eastern Market After Dark.

-3500+ Guests | Highest-Attended Event of the Detroit Design Festival
-Concentration of leaders and luminaries engaging Detroit in development-centered industry and collaboration, design, and creative enterprise
-Awards showcasing the forerunners in architectural design that are impacting our regional built environment
-Community-driven event that engages the public in a meaningful dialogue about the importance for quality design
-The Detroit Design Festival is North America’s largest independent Design Festival

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