Quinn Evans Architects Woodward Willis Mixed-Use Development

This new transit-oriented office and retail development reinterprets the design of the surrounding industrial buildings to create a 21st century space that connects its occupants to the vibrant Midtown Detroit neighborhood. Providing coveted commercial and green space at street level with adaptable office space on the two upper floors, the building enhances the pedestrian experience along Woodward Avenue by continuing the commercial thoroughfare’s vibrant and active streetwall, echoing the texture and cadence of nearby historic structures. Inside the building, light-filled office suites provide flexible spaces to meet contemporary office needs. Stunning views of Midtown and peeks of the downtown office towers connect office workers to the surrounding urban area, serving as a visual reminder of their place within the city. The design of this new building effectively adapts the architectural syntax of Midtown Detroit into a 21st century vocabulary, creating a vibrant presence in this resurgent neighborhood.