Studio Detroit + EC3 (Design Architect) True North

Nine Quonset Hut rental units in a quiet, spacious, and energetically charged portion of Detroit. Seven of the units are devoted Live/Work spaces; the community is also home to a Gallery, Studio, and apartment style hotel room. The project was built on land that was overgrown and garbage ridden since 1999. During the project, over sixty Detroit based laborers were employed. All units use the classic Quonset Hut as the structural base, but have incorporated architecture to elevate the standard form and function. The community is home to seven permanent residents, and also hosts out of town guests and creatives in the Gallery, Studio, and Hotel spaces. The residences were delivered mostly raw to provoke the creative inhabitants an opportunity to design the way they’d like their laboratory to function and feel. The project also planted thirty trees, and has attracted visitors from all over the World.