inFORM studio The Bay Tower

Great Lakes Bay Regional CVB, a team dedicated to supporting tourism and providing visitor information and assistance for Michigan’s Great Lakes Bay Region, is spearheading the development of an innovative and unprecedented vision for the Bay County area.

Located on the eastern bank of the Saginaw River, just south of the Bay City’s downtown core, the prospective location of The Bay Tower presupposes a future quite different from the existing contextual surroundings in terms of overall planning and formal quality. The notion of an extended pedestrian corridor along the river’s edge with an extended and programmed connection between downtown Bay City and Uptown [a new and thriving urban hub to the south] is one that resonates great enthusiasm throughout the city. Centrally located between these two destinations, the Bay Tower is poised to become an epicenter of activity along the Saginaw River and a catalytic heart for regional tourism. Programmatically The Bay Tower will provide regional offices for the CVB, a community meeting space, public restrooms, and a gallery/event space infused with an interactive historical narrative of the Great Lakes Bay Region. The project is a gateway/platform/bridge that unifies the culture, resources and people of the Greater Tri-City region, while promoting a highly identifiable image brand for local community.