Albert Kahn Associates Taubman Complex Building

The Taubman Complex is a 36,700 sf academic laboratory building for Engineering, Architecture and Life Sciences at Lawrence Technological University

The Complex is designed as an “extrudable section”; an occupiable bar that can be extended in phases for growth while maintaining function and design integrity. The spine of the bar, formed by two floors of laboratories, overlooks an open flex-space that runs the length of the building. This flex space is the collaborative heart of Taubman Complex, providing an expansive and re-configurable hall for informal discussions, pin-up critique sessions, and lectures. Large windows above eye level allow diffused light to fill the flex-space through an (ETFE) transparent film, or scrim, on the east and west facades.

The building form establishes a new axis; a bridge to the campus. A carbon-fiber circulation “orb” contains the main staircase that marks the entry, while creating a focal point for the University quad.