HKS Architects, P.C. Sugar Hill Arts District Development

Home to places like th Garfield and Chesterfield Lounges, Sugar Hill was an epicenter for some of the biggest names in Jazz through the mid-20th century. The influence that this scene had on later generations resonates through the city in contemporary jazz and techno. Waves of this aural heritage are physically manifest throughout this proposal, rendering the sawtooth sound waveform in dark gray manganese brick. In contrast, brass details bring warmth to the melody just as the horns singing through the night. The project houses 76 mixed-income rental units, 7,000 sf of anchor and boutique retail, generous interior and exterior amenity space, and a 260 car parking structure that doubles as a canvas for art installations along greenways linking the MOCAD and N’Namdi galleries. In the same moment, this building peers into the future while offering memories of what made this a place worth remembering.