FX Architecture Olson House

Marquette Michigan in the Upper Peninsula has dense evergreen forests, Lake Superior, inland lakes, picturesque waterfalls, a harsh climate and a sparse population that give it a poetic seclusion. The house is anchored in this poetry.

It is also based on energy efficient Passivhaus principles with 12” thick double stud R60 insulated walls and large South facing triple glazed windows.

A logging trail runs along a ridge above a lake. The house becomes a part of that trail. The dining room window looks down the trail. The living room looks toward the lake.

The house is half buried in the ridge. It is anchored in and grows from the earth. The lower level walks out to a steeply sloping hill that tumbles down to the water below.

Like Marquette’s old Lower Harbor Ore Dock the house is made of rusted steel. And the contrasting white cement board panels remind us of the impending winter snow.