SmithGroupJJR Midtown Sustainable Housing District Plan

The Urban Infill Housing Project was developed in the fuel of Detroit’s Midtown revitalization. The homes will demonstrate the most advanced uses of energy, water usage, landscape, architecture, and planning as a pillar of forward thinking design solutions in the district. This new model for residential development will demonstrate the best in sustainable planning and design, as well as benefit the community.

At the architectural level, this project will provide a house typology that is innovative, affordable, contemporary, and energy efficient. At the urban scale, this project seeks to harness the benefits of strategic, targeted, infill development in order to create a low to medium density urban block structure that can become a new kind of Detroit urbanism.

The Urban Infill Housing Project is a solution that will provide the growing demographic with the kind of low maintenance, energy saving, amenity accessible housing that is quickly becoming a commodity.