Integrated Design Solutions, LLC GG Brown Laboratory Building Renovation

The Mechanical Engineering and Science Building is a 117,000 sq. ft renovation with two major goals in mind. Goal number one was to put engineering on display so that students, parents, visitors, and even prospective students could see the exciting work that was once hidden behind concrete block walls and spread across campus. The second goal would be to create a new home for the Department of Mechanical Engineering bringing researchers, students, faculty, and administrative staff into one main location.

In order to achieve these goals, renovation had to be surgically precise due to the limited budget and the need to keep the many research labs active. While the entire building would receive complete replacement of the mechanical and electrical infrastructure, the circulation and offices would also receive only cosmetic updates. Research labs would benefit from minor renovation including some slight reconfiguration, while the academic core would be completely reconfigured to satisfy the two main goals.