SmithGroupJJR Detroit Athletic Club Renovation and Addition

Originally designed by Albert Kahn in 1915, this athletic club has experienced many changes throughout its history. The historical “ladies only entry” on the side of the building has over time become the main entryway. It was too small and had a compromised valet flow. Our design maintains the historic character of the original club, keeping it as a physical record of its time, place, and use. The design for the entry focuses on restoring and highlighting the original 1915 canopy within a new vestibule that creates a grand entry experience by having visitors step up to the historic canopy as they approach and proceed into the club. An original Kahn designed pergola, destroyed by poorly executed additions over the years, became the driver for a new relaxed area in the club that allows for complete circulation around the rooftop to capture views of the city and adjacent baseball field.