Harley Ellis Devereaux (HED) Children’s Hospital of Michigan – Troy

This project offered the opportunity to leverage the power of architecture to rethink how children and their families experience healthcare. The three-story, 64,500 SF facility performs critically significant services that are very serious – and scary – to most young patients, their parents, family and friends.

The hospital was conceived as a playful, colorful organization of “toy blocks” that delineate functions and movement within a friendly, non-institutional environment. Simple moves of color, geometry and scale create a welcoming, memorable image while providing help navigating the facility. The end result is an interior alive with a kaleidoscope of color, lighting and pattern – a vibrant healing environment that nourishes the human spirit.

The Owner and project design team worked together through an extensive process of interviews and full-size mockups to significantly improve service time and delivery – and the results were so impressive that the floor plan itself is considered a “trade secret”!