Luckenbach|Ziegelman|Gardner Architects PLLC Baldwin Public Library

This 35,500 sq ft Public Library in Birmingham MI wished to undertake a renovation that would provide a well-designed, community oriented, forward looking, technologically advanced and visually exciting space to carry out innovative library services in the 21st century.

The program for the first phase of a 3 phase renovation would begin in the 8500 sq ft -$2.1 million budget Adult Services addition (built in 1980).

The goal was to further integrate the library into the life of the Community and Civic Center. To celebrate the original 1927 historic building as a backdrop to the renovated modern 1980 addition and allow a visual and spacial interaction between various functions to create a sense of community and interconnectivity.

This resulted in glazing the existing opaque curved limestone front wall to allow more light and transparency, to see the community outside while being more inviting to come inside. The special low heat transmission glazing did not alter the existing HVAC system capacity for the space.

The adjacent historic 1927 structure was air blasted to clean off years of paint and bathed in sky lighting between the old and newer remodeled structure, resulting in the historic structure being integrated and celebrated as part of the design.

Because of the changes in paper book usage thru technology, the stack collection was reduced by 17% and more space was available for computer labs and 3D printers.

A central wayfinding path and ceiling was created to clearly interconnect activities within the remodeled space and other parts of the library.