SmithGroupJJR Ayia Napa Marina and Resort, HX Block Wave Absorption Wall

This new marina and resort is rooted in the historical, cultural, and contextual foundations of Cyprus; emphasizing the coastal confluence where the blue waters of the Mediterranean Sea meet the area’s characteristic blue sky. Given the luxury setting, the developer required that all yachts be able to moor on walls directly adjacent to the villas, providing easy access for owners. Unfortunately, modeling showed that wave reflections off traditional walls would actually increase harbor wave agitation, creating unstable conditions and potentially damaging boats and marina structures. The result was the Block Wave Absorption Wall. This structure is a large, concrete block that hydraulically interconnects and interlocks, creating a vertical, structural load-bearing wall perforated with octagonal channels. These uniquely shaped voids were refined using computer simulation and physical modeling to establish the optimal wave-dissipating geometry. The block system significantly reduces wave reflections while retaining all the advantages of a traditional harbor wall.