Fielding Nair International [FNI] + ABT Planners AMIT Gogya Learning Center

A school organization in Israel wanted to create a facility to train their teachers to teach more effectively for student-centered learning. This project involved reconfiguring a traditional school to a learning environment suited for teacher professional development.The new teacher training center features innovative, flexible learning spaces that can accommodate many different learning activities by providing a variety of both formal and informal learning spaces.

The new learning spaces were created by opening up the existing traditional classrooms. Instead of a corridor, a large learning commons was created to connect the variety of flexible learning spaces.Teachers training in this new environment not only learn new teaching methodologies but also learn how to leverage the space to support the learning activity. By changing the environment, teachers are forced to rethink their role and practice. The variety and flow between the formal and informal learning spaces communicates a 21st century pedagogy that is centered around students learning.