SmithGroupJJR 1001 Woodward Avenue Plaza

The undefined nature of the existing plaza, coupled with a very modernist, understated entry, left the building with a somewhat anonymous presence at the ground. The owner was interested in providing a strong identity for the property, and with the lobby entrance tucked well back from the street, a clear sense of path toward the entry was especially important.

Raised planters, site walls, and benches are used to help organize the space into outdoor rooms, each with their own purpose: “eat” is a large open space to be filled with tables and chairs, used for lunching; “chat” is a series of three conversational alcoves to house lounge furniture and coffee tables for small groups; “drink” is occupied by a high-top informal and multipurpose bar for events; “chill” uses benches and planters to form nooks accessible from the street-side, for individuals to pull off of the sidewalk and relax.