4. Gensler McCann Birmingham

Creative Advertising Agency (CAA) is a firm characterized by their world-class advertising campaigns. They inspire and capture the world’s attention through visual media, and our task was to spark and support their creativity in their workspace. As advertisers, they capture moments for the brands they work with; as designers, we created compositions and destinations so every space was visually activated.

The project accomplishes this through elements like the open stair, which appears to be dynamically stretched down from the floor above with wooden connectors dancing in visual rhythm. It also uses rich texture, cozy lighting and comfortable booths for team members to work in private or as teams. To further keep the innovative inspiration flowing, the space incorporates bold, enlivening colors and areas for shooting pool and gathering with co-workers at the large community tables. Overall, this project stimulates the visionary mindset and optimizes the way CAA works.